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Brand Identity: Strengthen Your Brand With String Art

by Mayur Zinzala 19 Sep 2023

String art is the simple art of creating catchy designs of board décor with nails and threads. The scope of use of this string art is more than just as home décor. The brands have been actively using string art to elevate the aesthetics of their spaces and brand identity. 

Incorporate string art into your Brand 

At first glance, it may seem like string art is for creative businesses only. However, this is not the case. Any brand can incorporate string art into its branding strategy to elevate its value and help it represent itself better. 

The design of the logo string art is the representation of your brand values and strengthens your brand identity. You must pay extra attention to how these logo string art designs look and what message they communicate.   

Following are a few ways to incorporate string art into your business. 

Brand logo 

A brand logo is one of the most crucial elements to increase your brand identity and grab the attention of your target audience. You can implement this logo string art board on the entry of your office or shop to grab the attention of your audience. The unique style helps your customers remember your brand logo. 

Office Décor 

Office decor string art is the string art made to decorate your office space with designs that represent your brand the best. You can use some positive quotes, existing designs, or custom design that communicates the values or message of the brand. 


When you are setting up your office or organizing an event for your business, a handcrafted string art showpiece makes the perfect choice to grab your attendees' attention. This showpiece could be custom-designed to represent and express the purpose of the event or communicate the values you behold to your visitors. 

Why use String art for your Brand? 

You may think, what is the use of string art in my business? Well, every business needs branding to be successful and make their business grow. String art may not bring you direct sales, but it will help you develop your brand image and strengthen your brand identity. Following are a few benefits of incorporating string art into your brand. 

Unique handcrafted art: 

Art is the best way to connect to your audience. Handcrafted string art is a unique art form using nails and vibrant threads to make designs come to life. The handcrafted string art design has its unique look and features to elevate the space you put it in. 

Communicating brand value: 

Art has been a form of communication among the people. Now we can use the threads to communicate our message in a unique way to stand out to our audience. We can create a design that has elements of business, its value, and the message that helps your customers connect to you.

Attract customer's attention:

A distinctive string art pattern art piece or decor can attract the attention of your customers. Especially when you have a business where you directly serve your end user. Such string art design will help you create aesthetic appeal for your shop and attract more customers. 

Strengthen brand identity and brand recall:

In the sea of brands, it is a tricky task to increase your brand identity in your customers' minds. A string art logo is something unique that will stick into the minds of your customers to remember how they remember your brand logo. Thus, it strengthens your brand identity and brand recall. 

Supporting local artists:

You can support local businesses and artists to help them grow with you. It adds to your brand's perception by your audience as well. 

Make a brand logo into a string art! 

Here are the 3 easy steps to making your logo string art. To make your logo converted into string art, 

  • First, go to the CraftsBazaar logo page and fill out the form with the necessary details. 
  • Ensure to attach a clear image or file of your brand logo. It is crucial for quality string art design. 
  • Once you are sure of all the details, submit the form. 

Now, it's our turn to do our magic! We will contact you and make the string art logo for your brand! 

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