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12 String Art Anniversary Gifts Ideas That Your Partner Will Love!

by Mayur Zinzala 28 Jun 2023

They say gifts should feel personal. Which eans, you should put some thought into the gifts you present to anyone. A personalised gifts touches heart more than an expensive gift.

Which is why we have came up with 12 string art gift ideas that will be perfect for your anniversary gifts. These string arts are customised according to your names, pictures and details of your journey, which make them more personal. 

12 String Art Ideas for Anniversary Gifts

Without furtherado, let’s dive right into the colours and strings and the creative gift ideas that your partner will absolutely love!

1. Couple’s Illustration String Art 

Personalised Couple Illustrations String Art


Framing your pictures has been one of the most favourites gifts of every couple ever since. You can capture a moment of your life into a frame! And Framing those moments into a string art, is simply amazing! You get your pictures firstly turned into an illustration, and then, into a string art! 

2. The sight of Love

The Sight Of Love - Illustration Couple String Art


The sight of love is a pose where usually couples take their picture looking at each other’s eyes with all the love. This is the cutest pose of all, we must agree. And turning those pictures into a string art is absolutely the cutest anniversary present

3. Gathbandhan

Personalised Gath Bandhan Wedding String Art

One of the most Precious times to cheris life long for every couple, is there ‘Gathbandhan’. The time you tie your knots for life is the time you never want to forget. Turn that moment into a string art wall decor with your names illustrated, and cherish those moments for life! 

4. Initial Love 

Personalised Golden Letter String Art - Wall Decor Ideas


Remember the old times where couples used to write their initials on the stones, and walls, the back of their notebooks, the classroom benches, on the back of the chairs and where not. This ritual is followed as to secure our bond for life. So, turn your initials into a string art wall decor and tie you boorn for life!

5. Carv Your Name

Infinity Love Couple Name String Art


Again, the ritual that we followed for years. Captured in movies and books, the couple of young age carved their names in the rocks of aganta - ellora, on random walls, and on the last page of their notebooks while playing flames! Well, why not carry forward the tradition and capture your names with heart into a string art!  

6. ‘You are My World’ - Let Them Know!

My World String Art - Unique Handmade Gift Ideas


If you too believe your partner is your world. Let Them Know! A tiny and pretty globe with the quote that says ‘ You Are My World ’, will make feel most lucky person in the world. This string art might be the best and inexpensive and well thought gift.

7. Constant

Constant Love String Art With Photos


Craft Bazaar present to you - ‘Constant’, for your partner who has been your constant support, love, light, and laughter. The one who has always got your back, should know that you too are always there for them. Let them know it with this beautiful string art with an Infinity sign!

8. The love Tease

Illustration Couple String Art With Photo Clips


The time of the wedding where you see each other, dressed in the wedding attires, and getting into the owe of each other all over again, and then you try to keep your desires hidden from your families and tease each other from the distance? Did that happen to you at your wedding? Or do you imaging that happing to you on you wedding day? If so, then this will be the perfect anniversary present to remind them of this moment, or to let them what can they imagine for your future! 

9. Finally a Family

Personalised Family Name String Art With Doodle

Having a kid, and starting a family with the love of your life is the biggest flex to be very honest. Why not flex it is strings tied into an art-piece as to tighten your bond for life! Your Family Picture and your names together! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true???

10. The ‘First-New-House’ Name Plate

Colorful Home Décor String Art : Welcome Loved Ones With Light Jar

Buying the first new home, or even renting a place with your love is another big flex, we all must agree. Buying/ renting a house and turning that into a home, which you both can your address, that is one of the biggest achievements for all of us. Every house has a story, as this string art says, Welcome everyone to your story! 

11. Lights for the Love!

Illustration Couple String Art With Lighting Jar


Turn your favorite picture, Your names, your anniversary date, and the years you’ve spent together, into a beautiful illustration and add the little jar of flowers and light to brighten the bond of your relationship! Craft Bazaar proudly present to you one of the best anniversary gift string art ‘light for the love’.

12. Wedding Bells


Personalised Wedding Bells Couples String Art


Wedding is one of the best days every couple’s lives, right? That is the most precious moments you will always cherish! The time when Panditji, ‘Shadi Samppan Hui, Aaj Se Aap Pati-Patni Hue!’ - you will remember that moment forever. So, why not capture that into a string art with your names and the wedding picture illustration?

String Art Anniversary Gifts That will Tighten Your Bond!

Like mentioned above, String art pieces are customised according to you, illustrated according to your given pictures and names and tiny little details about your Relationship, which makes a personalised gift! String art works/ string art wall decor can be the best anniversary gift that will tighten your bond, just as it tightens the strings attached to it!

Visit Craft bazaar for more such String Art gift options that you will fall in love with! Visit, explore, shop and customise now! 

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